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Cyberknife® treatment is not what you may think; it is an advanced form of non-invasive radiotherapy treatment for various cancers, not a surgical procedure. Unlike standard radiotherapy it can be used to treat both pancreatic and liver cancer.

Normal radiotherapy (also known as radiation therapy) is administered either internally (from implants or fluids) or externally using a machine; it is not suitable for liver cancer because healthy liver tissue is radiosensitive and can be seriously damaged by radiotherapy. The duodenum around the pancreas is also radiosensitive and radiotherapy of the pancreas is therefore a risky procedure.

Cyberknife® therefore has a number of advantages over standard radiotherapy:

  • It is highly focussed and very precise. This means it can be used to target tumours in hard to reach places. It also means that higher doses can be used without damage to surrounding, healthy tissue
  • It can be used to treat pancreatic and liver conditions that are otherwise inoperable (ie, cannot be treated surgically for some reason)
  • It can also be used as another treatment option for secondary cancer that is not responding to chemotherapy or is too large for RFA

Visit the London Cyberknife Centre website to find out more. Alternatively speak to your specialist at the Princess Grace Hospital.